Month: September 2018

Amazon and Nike are charting a course for the store of the future (AMZN, NKE)

New technology is increasingly being infused into stores, and the results are finally starting to show. Tech-forward companies like Amazon and Nike are completely changing the idea of what it means to have a physical store. Nike’s Live concept store, which chooses items to stock by analyzing customer data, and Amazon’s Go concept, which uses […]

The creators of Amazon’s new show ‘Forever’ talk about keeping the premise a secret and what it’s like to work in TV when there’s too much of it

Amazon’s “Forever” premiered in early September, but the creators, stars, and TV critics were sworn to secrecy about the show’s plot.  Business Insider spoke with series creators Alan Yang and Matthew Hubbard about keeping the show’s details secret, and what it was like pitching a show that has so much mystery surrounding it. Yang and […]