Month: December 2018

Despite a government shutdown, NASA is broadcasting humanity’s farthest-ever visit to an object in space. Here’s how to watch coverage of the Ultima Thule flyby.

NASA’s New Horizons probe is about to explore a mysterious object 1 billion miles beyond Pluto. The object is known as Ultima Thule, or 2014 MU69, and the flyby will occur at 12:33 a.m. EST on Tuesday (New Year’s Day). Ultima Thule will be the most distant object humanity has ever visited. NASA TV and […]

How to get a free or discounted ride on New Year’s Eve

Business Insider has rounded up deals for free and discounted rides this New Year’s Eve. Uber and Lyft are both offering discounts in locations across the US, with many public transit agencies also offering free fares. There are more reasons than ever to avoid drinking and driving on New Year’s Eve this year. From public […]

The 50 most-followed Instagram accounts in 2018

Business Insider has compiled the most-followed Instagram accounts in 2018.  The list is dominated by reality TV stars, musicians, and professional soccer players.  Here are the top 50 most-popular accounts.  In the world of Instagram, musicians, reality stars, and soccer players rule. Business Insider has compiled the most-followed people on Instagram for 2018, and well-known […]

How Uber’s internal safety team handles everything from car crashes to assaults

Uber is quickly growing its safety and investigation team in Phoenix, the Financial Times reports.  Of the 600 employees, about 65 investigators handle everything from car crashes to assault — and are tasked with getting both sides of the story.   Drivers have previously told Business Insider the system is imperfect, and that often times […]

China approves 80 new video games, ending the freeze on new releases that dominated 2018 — but the country’s largest game publisher still isn’t happy

Chinese officials have expressed concerns about the impact of video games on children, fearing the hobby can lead to addiction and decreased productivity. The country halted new releases for months as they reorganized their process for reviewing new games. China’s Online Game Ethics Committee, a newly formed regulatory body, recently approved 80 new video games, […]

NASA is about to explore Ultima Thule — the farthest object humanity has ever tried to visit. Here’s what to expect from the ‘mind-boggling’ encounter 4 billion miles from Earth.

NASA’s New Horizons probe, which visited Pluto in 2015, is closing in on a mysterious object called Ultima Thule. New Horizons will fly past Ultima Thule, formally known as 2014 MU69, on New Year’s Day. Ultima Thule will be the most distant object humanity has ever visited (if the flyby goes as planned). The nuclear-powered […]