Month: July 2018

Cayenne pepper ginger shots, homemade lemon tarts, and Michelin-starred chefs — here’s what employees at Silicon Valley’s biggest tech companies are offered for free

Silicon Valley’s tech giants have taken workplace dining to the next level, with themed restaurants, gourmet menus, and stunning designs — and at many companies, it’s all free.  But employers seeking to offer their staff subsidized meals won’t have that option if the city of San Francisco follows through with a policy that would ban […]

Facebook’s latest meddling disclosure: “We expected the organization to evolve”

Facebook took the unusual step of announcing an ongoing, incomplete investigation into “inauthentic” behavior on Tuesday, complete with implications that Russia’s Internet Research Agency (IRA) may have been involved. This week’s disclosure comes in part due to Facebook having to reveal its hand a bit prematurely: “32 Pages and accounts” were affiliated with a protest […]

LIVE: Here comes Apple’s Q3 earnings (AAPL)

Apple will report its fiscal third-quarter earnings on Tuesday after markets close. Typically, the three months ending in June are the slowest in terms of iPhone sales and revenue. But analysts are still looking for hints about Apple’s iPhone launch this fall, whether the Trump administration trade war could affect the iPhone maker, and if […]

Harley-Davidson will be playing in 4 key markets in the future — here they all are (HOG)

Harley-Davidson is making significant changes to its global strategy, but it’s remaining committed to its core business. The company has been attacked by Donald Trump after shifting production to avoid European tariffs. Harley is moving toward a multi-market strategy that will involve partnerships and new motorcycle designs. This week, Harley-Davidson announced a new global strategy. […]

3-D printed guns allow the public access to real, working weapons that are virtually untraceable — here’s how they work

Eight states announced on Monday that they were suing the Trump administration over giving the public access to blueprints for 3-D printed guns.  The guns do not have serial numbers, people printing them would not have to undergo background checks, and the weapons would virtually be untraceable.  Concern over the rise of 3-D-printed guns has hit […]

10 things you’re doing on your phone that could undermine your success at work

The smartphone has given us instantaneous connection, access to limitless information, and can help keep our lives in order. However, spending too much time on social media, constantly receiving notifications, and sleeping near your smartphone could be hurting your productivity more than you think. Here are 10 smartphone habits that are ruining your productivity, according […]

New York’s latest millennial co-living space has ‘smart mattresses,’ housekeeping, and fully-furnished rooms for $1,500 per month

Roomrs rents fully furnished apartments to students and young professionals in New York City. The apartments, which cost an average of $1,500 per month, come with utilities, housekeeping, and WiFi.  Founder Or Goldschmidt told Business Insider he plans to expand the service into SoHo and the East Village soon. Roomrs recently opened a new Williamsburg […]