Month: June 2018

Electrocution, cardiac pain, and a miscarriage: Amazon warehouse investigation reveals 600 ambulance call-outs for injured workers (AMZN)

Freedom of Information requests show that ambulances were called 600 times to Amazon warehouses in the UK over the past three years. GMB union, which filed the requests, found that ambulances were called for pregnancy-related incidents, breathing problems, cardiac pain, electrocution, and even major trauma. The union said Amazon treated its workers like “robots” and […]

‘Emulate George Washington, not Vladimir Putin’: Facebook investors are in open revolt over Mark Zuckerberg running the firm like a ‘dictatorship’ (FB)

Facebook investors were in open revolt against the company’s governance structure at its annual shareholder meeting on Thursday. They said CEO Mark Zuckerberg risks running the firm like a “corporate dictatorship” and one investor was thrown out of the room for shouting. Three major shareholders recently highlighted concerns over Facebook’s dual-class share structure, which gives […]

Millennials trust Amazon and PayPal over banks when it comes to personal data

Survey of 2,000 Brits find a majority of 18-24-year-olds trust Amazon and PayPal ahead of banks when it comes to protecting their personal data. 77% of all people surveyed don’t trust Facebook with their data in the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. LONDON — Young people in Britain are more trusting of tech giants […]

Chrome and Firefox leaks let sites steal visitors’ Facebook names, profile pics

Enlarge (credit: Ruslan Habalov) For more than a year, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome may have leaked users’ Facebook usernames, profile pictures, and likes if the users’ browsers visited malicious websites that employed a cutting-edge hack, researchers said Thursday. The data could be extracted through what’s known as a side-channel vulnerability in the browsers’ implementation […]