Month: July 2018

Here’s what it’s like to visit ‘Crypto Valley’ — Switzerland’s picturesque blockchain version of Silicon Valley

ZUG, SWITZERLAND — Cryptocurrencies and related-crypto technology have become one of the hottest areas of investment and entrepreneurial activity over the last few years, with billions invested in the sector. Crypto technology, sometimes called distributed ledger technology or blockchain, could potentially drive efficiencies in existing businesses and create new business opportunities by cutting out middlemen and […]

A company you’ve probably never heard of is quietly building a fleet of self-driving semis that could revolutionize the trucking industry. And the founder says it has one big advantage over Tesla, Uber, and Waymo (TSLA)

Starsky Robotics, a San Francisco startup that makes self-driving semi-trailer trucks, says it wants to put driverless big rigs on the road this year. That’d put the startup well ahead of Tesla, which predicts its hauler — the Semi — will go into production in 2019. Starsky Robotics’ CEO says, “I don’t think Tesla’s in […]