Beta testing enters phase two

Today, our portal migration entered its second phase – we are now completely ported over from the old portal to the new one. All aspects of functionality and usability are being tested in production to make sure everything works. This phase will last for about a month till cut-over on January 14th.

A few things to note:

  • Membership Privileges: All accounts with privileges have been ported over so
    • Login with your existing credentials (username and password)
    • Your membership privileges are the same as on the old portal
  • Subscriptions: Have not been ported over till security has been thoroughly tested. Please contact us to manage your subscriptions. After cut-over, your order, payments, subscriptions etc. will be accessed through the my account page as usual.
  • CIO Toolkit is not CIO Reference Library

A couple of annoyances have been introduced to tighten security:

  • Multiple Login Attempts: You are allowed four (4) login attempts after which your account will be temporarily locked out for four (4) hours. This prevents brute force attacks which as you know are very common
  • Strong Passwords Required: You will have to change to a strong(er) password. Again, to ensure your accounts security
  • Password Expiration: Our current policy of passwords expiring after 90 days will continue. After cut-over, it will change to 30 days. I know, it is annoying but this one thing prevent a lot of grief down the road (for all concerned )!

If you are not caught up on what changed, please take a look here – this is a completely new portal with functionality we are sure our membership will LOVE!

As always, if you need assistance, please contact us.

Looking forward to engaging with all of you – drop me a line using our new messaging system!

Bon Voyage!