Internet users access porn websites more than Twitter, Wikipedia and Netflix

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  • According to a ranking by global intelligence company SimilarWeb, porn sites are more popular in the US than a number of online shopping and social media sites.
  • While it’s unsurprising that porn sites are regularly accessed in the US, the traffic statistics show the world’s four most popular adult websites made it into the country’s 20 most accessed sites. 
  • Two of the world’s most popular porn sites beat Wikipedia, Twitter, and Netflix to 6th and 7th place in SimilarWeb’s ranking of the US’ most frequently accessed websites.


Based on a list of the US’ top most visited websites, it seems people like looking at porn a lot more than they do social media, online shopping, or streaming the most popular TV shows.

SimilarWeb, an Israel-based global intelligence company, produces a yearly ranking of the top websites visited by people based in the US, based on web traffic.

While it’s probably no surprise that a number of the most accessed sites were of an adult nature, two porn sites ranked even more popular than Twitter, eBay, and Netflix.

Among the country’s top most-visited sites were Google, Facebook, and YouTube. However, the world’s three most popular adult sites —,, and — also featured in the top 10.

Porn chart US most visited websites 2018

The world’s fourth most popular porn site,, brought the total number of adult sites in the US’ top 20 to four.

top most visited porn sites world

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