Month: August 2018

Boeing wins bid to build the Navy’s carrier-launched tanker drone

Enlarge / A Boeing MQ-25 demonstrator during deck-handling is an unmanned combat aircraft system designed to provide refueling capability to extend the combatBoeing’s MQ-25 unmanned aerial refueler, known as T1, is currently being tested at Boeing’s St. Louis site. T1 has completed engine runs and deck handling demonstrations designed to prove the agility and ability […]

Protesters brought a giant cage to Burning Man to raise awareness of Palantir and Amazon’s ties with ICE

Advocacy group Mijente brought a giant cage to Burning Man on Friday to criticize Palantir and Amazon’s involvement with US Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  Palantir has an active contract with ICE to provide investigative case management software to the agency. Amazon provides infrastructure to Palantir, and more than 100 Amazon employees have asked CEO Jeff […]

Lenovo claims its new $850 laptop runs for 25 hours without charging

Lenovo’s Yoga C630 can run for 25 hours without charging, the company claims.  It runs on a mobile-style chip from Qualcomm, which makes chips for Android devices.  That means it comes with support for mobile LTE networks, much like smartphones. But is also means it might not be powerful for some people, and there’s no […]

Elon Musk has reportedly reached out to other CEOs to ask about employees who might be criticizing Tesla on Twitter (TSLA)

According to The Wall Street Journal, Tesla CEO Elon Musk monitors Twitter for criticism aimed at Tesla. The Journal reports that Musk looks for tweets with the hashtag $TSLA, which is often used by Tesla short-sellers. On multiple occasions, Musk has reportedly contacted top executives at companies to inquire about employees that may be publishing […]