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‘Fresh Prince’ actor Alfonso Ribeiro and Instagram’s Backpack Kid are the latest artists to sue the creators of ‘Fortnite’ for allegedly copying dance moves to make money

Alfonso Ribeiro of “The Fresh Prince of Bel Air,” Instagram star Ryan “Backpack Kid” Huggins, and rapper 2 Milly will sue the creators of “Fortnite” for allegedly copying their dances and selling them in the game. While 2 Milly has been the most vocal about the similarities between “Fortnite” dances and existing work, several artists […]

Crowdfunding platform Patreon defends itself from protests by ‘intellectual dark web,’ publishes slur-filled posts from banned YouTuber

Crowdfunding website Patreon published a transcript from a YouTube conversation with banned member Carl Benjamin showing him using hate speech. The revelation allowed the company to defend itself from a brewing boycott of the platform from members who have accused it of booting Benjamin based on political bias. The new evidence puts the boycotts from […]